Intelligent pricing

A fantastical easy system to optimize your rates!

RateBoard is a revolutionized system for rate suggestions. It atomizes and integrates time-consuming processes like forecasting, pricing and rate maintenance of hotels, simplified.

Within our stable price algorithm, the following data is taken into consideration: historical and actual booking situation, competitors, market demand, guest reviews, events and holidays.

  • Improve your price strategy
  • New perspectives on pricing
  • Increase your revenue for up to 20%
Quick and easy

Rate changes are easy with the price calendar

Quick and easy

Often it is quite complex to change the ideal price for a certain date, but the tool which supports to do so does not have to be difficult. Rateboard is intuitive and is tailor made to the hotel’s needs.

It does not take weeks or months, but only days until you can work with the system. The system is easy to learn and to work with. Conclusion: less time expenditure for a system you will like to work with!

Profitable price suggestions

Confirm the price suggestions with 2 clicks

Profitable price suggestions

With the price calendar, it is easy to change and adapt the prices for the next 365 days. The price suggestions can be accepted or individually adjusted supported by guidelines. This allows to react on changes of the competitors and the market immediately.

Accept the price suggestions or adapt them yourself. This easy and efficient rate maintenance gives new revenue potential and will bring up to 20% more revenue.

Understand your guests better

Analyze the booking behaviour of your guests

Understand your guests better

RateBoard analysis features provide a deeper insight into your sales so you can better meet the needs of your guests. This is important because personalized service requires more customer context.

Booking analysis and machine learning help you better understand and predict the booking habits of your guests, measure your performance and derive specific measures from data.

Understand the market

Keep an eye on the prices of the competitors

Understand the market

Many factors influence how and if a guest decides for the hotel: guest valuations, prices of competitors, occupancy of the destination, events or school holidays.

RateBoard will do this and you do not have to spend your time on it. RateBoard provides every day the daily development and processes this information in a stable rate algorithm. 

Save precious time

Stay informed with automized warnings

Save precious time

The intelligent warnings help you to have an eye on the hotel and the market and gives you an indication at unusual changes and deviations.

With the integration of your existing hotel software and external data sources we have the possibility to provide you with the optimal price for your guest - wherever, whenever and without additional effort. Save a lot of time with the rate maintenance.

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