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RateBoard integrates with the industry leading PMS und Channel Managers to deliver our price recommendations across all systems. So you can benefit from seamless automation and spend time on your revenue strategy.

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Name Status Typ
5stelle complete PMS
AIDA in progress PMS
Apaleo in progress PMS
ASA hotel complete PMS
BookAssist complete CM
BookingExpert complete CM
Casablanca complete PMS
Winhotel.MX - CDSoft complete PMS
Citadel complete PMS
Cubilis coming soon PMS
Dirs21 complete CM
Elite complete PMS
Ericsoft complete PMS
Evols coming soon PMS
Fidelio Suite8 (Oracle) complete PMS
Gastrodat in progress PMS
Globres Xpress in progress CM
GMS complete PMS
gpDati Hoasys complete PMS
gpDati Scrigno complete PMS
Guestline complete PMS
hetras coming soon PMS
Hogatex complete PMS
Hotel2000 in progress PMS
HotelCube in progress PMS
HotelNetSolutions complete CM
Hotelprofi complete PMS
HotelSpider complete CM
Hotline complete PMS
hs/3 complete PMS
Ibelsa complete PMS
Infor Starligth complete PMS
IperBooking complete CM
Leonardo complete PMS
Lodgit coming soon PMS
Mews complete PMS
mgm EasyCamp coming soon PMS
Octorate complete CM
Opera (Oracle) in progress PMS
Passepartout complete PMS
Profitroom coming soon CM
Protel complete PMS
Protel Air complete PMS
Kognitiv complete CM
Sihot complete PMS
SimpleBooking complete CM
Siteminder coming soon CM
SynXis complete CRS
TravelClick in progress CRS
Velox coming soon PMS
VerticalBooking complete CM
Viato complete CM
Vioma complete CM
WuBook complete PMS
Xenus complete PMS
Bed24 in progress PMS
Beddy in progress PMS
Bedzzle in progress PMS
Clock PMS+ complete PMS
HotelNet complete CM
HQ plus complete RS
Hugo Hotelsoftware in progress PMS
Siteminder Exchange in progress PMS
easyGuestmanagement complete PMS

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