Dynamic Pricing in Holiday Hotels

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Europe's leading leisure hotels have decided to only trust specialists in the leisure hotel business when it comes to their pricing. We at RateBoard know very well that the challenges for leisure hotels are not comparable to those in the city hotel industry. Of course, the same applies to the topic of revenue management. That is why you should optimise your prices with the best system in the industry, and not waste time with subpar solutions.

  • Become more flexible
  • Save valuable time
  • Optimise occupancy and revenue

Leading leisure hotels trust RateBoard

Dr. Gregor Hoch
RateBoard is a very easy and intuitive tool, which helps a lot in forecasting and managing prices. Calculations with spreadsheets are definitely things of the past.
Dr. Gregor Hoch
Honorary President of Austrian Hotel Association & Owner of Sonnenburg Hotels
Erich Falkensteiner
The leisure hotel industry has its unique characteristics, which of course also need to be taken into account by software solutions. I have been familiar with RateBoard since its early years. In my opinion, there is no better Revenue Management Software for the holiday hotel industry. In the Falkensteiner Group, we work very successfully with RateBoard. We noticed that other systems were primarily designed for city hotels and therefore, did not completely cover our needs.
Erich Falkensteiner
Falkensteiner Hotels & Residences
Matthias Trenkwalder
Several years ago, I already noticed for myself how complex it is to maintain prices across different distribution channels. RateBoard now gives hoteliers and accommodation providers the opportunity to easily facilitate these time-consuming processes and thus work more efficiently.
Matthias Trenkwalder
CEO and Co-Founder of RateBoard
Simon Falkensteiner
It is extremely important for a Revenue Management System to precisely know its target group. Only then can the needs of the users be optimally covered. RateBoard offers an intelligent algorithm and a team of highly qualified experts. These are just two of the features that make RateBoard the perfect solution for the leisure hotel industry.
Simon Falkensteiner
CEO and Co-Founder of RateBoard

The Holiday Calendar

Holiday seasons, public holidays and events are key factors for creating effective pricing strategies in the leisure hotel industry.

RateBoard Eventfilter

School holidays, long weekends and events have an especially large impact on market demand in the leisure hotel industry. By continuously updating, RateBoard always provides the latest holiday periods from various nations.

Events and holidays must be taken into account during price calculations, allowing RateBoard's forecasting model to generate an optimal booking curve for each day. For example, if 50% of your hotel guests in summer are from southern Germany, the start of the school holidays in Bavaria will be a significant factor. With this knowledge, discontinuities can be modelled more effectively and booking curves can be displayed in more detail, leading to an increase in revenue and occupancy.
By adding custom events, temporary peaks in demand can also be included in the forecast. The algorithm learns from the events and transfers them to the following year. As a result, it is possible to accurately predict sales peaks and calculate the best price.



RateBoard knows when and in which regions school holidays are happening.


Public Holidays

Identify peaks in demand due to extended weekends and public holidays.


Custom Events

Each individual event is taken into account by RateBoard's algorithm and price calculation.

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RateBoard Algorithm


In terms of booking cycles, the leisure hotel sector cannot be compared to the city hotel industry. Key performance indicators such as length of stay, booking times, or cancellations differ significantly.

The data science expert team at RateBoard has managed to develop an intelligent algorithm specifically for the leisure hotel industry. In addition to the scientific calculation of the algorithm, the focus lies in the early identification of peaks. This ensures that the optimal price for the market will be communicated in a timely manner, thereby generating maximum revenue.

The distinctive booking behaviour in the leisure hotel industry requires early identification of periodic peaks. This is the only way to perfectly detect busy booking periods and use them for the best price recommendations. Our specific focus enables us to develop a tailored algorithm, adapted to the needs of leisure hotels. Due to our large hotel portfolio, we can easily transfer previously accumulated knowledge to our new customers.
Dr. Martin Schwarz, Head of Data Science Innsbruck
Dr.techn. Martin Schwarz Head of Data Science, RateBoard Dr. in Mathematics, previously postdoc at the University of Innsbruck
Nowadays, it is imperative to keep an eye on the entire market at all times. Consequently, RateBoard's daily rate shopping provides hoteliers with valuable information about price developments of their most important competitors. This enables a better assessment of the current market demand of a specific destination in relation to the position of your hotel. With this data, hotel prices can be adjusted more quickly and accurately according to the latest market situation.
Dr.Sc. Senka Duric Data Scientist, RateBoard PhD in physics, previously postdoc at CERN for several years

This is why RateBoard provides the best algorithm for the leisure hotel industry

Data Cluster

The algorithm is constantly optimised on the basis of a large amount of data from hundreds of holiday hotels.

Tailor Made

RateBoard's algorithm has been developed especially for the booking behaviour of the leisure hotel industry.

All features for the holiday hotel industry



No special experience of Revenue Management is required for the use of RateBoard.


Perfect Dynamics

RateBoard's system and algorithm are explicitly designed to meet the demands of holiday hotels.


Specified Analyses

Targeted reports of the essential KPIs for the leisure hotel industry.


Personal Support

Your personal Revenue Manager will take care of the setup for you and answer any questions that may arise.


Smooth Change

By defining caps and limits, you decide what price range the algorithm works with.


Rate Plans

Individual pricing across different distribution channels.


Dynamic Packaging

You decide for yourself how dynamic your packages and offers should be.


Flexible Price Strategies

The intensity of the algorithm can be adjusted individually depending on the period.

Why Revenue Management in the leisure hotel industry?

reception desk

Increased spontaneity

Behaviour in booking practices has also significantly changed in the leisure hotel industry. More and more reservations are made on short notice and hotels have to offer the most flexible cancellation policies possible.

This trend was further intensified by the Covid19 pandemic. Especially in these times, flexibility and agility are key capabilities to be able to guarantee a quick reaction to market changes and thus ensure the hotel’s competitiveness.

winter season

Merging of seasons

The use of a fixed price list has never been more of an obstacle than it is at the moment. Seasons are becoming increasingly mixed up. In the leisure hotel industry, it is no longer possible to make a clear distinction between high-, low- and mid-season.

Relying on intuition in terms of pricing is hardly possible any more. The use of data-based solutions such as RateBoard is essential.

RateBoard is used ideally in


Mountain Hotels


Lakeside Hotels


Seaside Hotels


Skiing Hotels




Wellness Hotels



This is what our customers say

RateBoard Testimonials

Hotel Seppl

We are a family business. That means that every member has to do everything and there is always a lot to do. That’s why pricing is often overlooked in everyday life. Accordingly, our goal is for RateBoard to expedite the process and help us save time.

Bernhard Fritz

Hotel Seppl, Mutters


We are looking forward to using this revenue management software in our COOEE alpine hotels. A central aspect in our decision was that the software complements our existing systems very well, and offers quickly accessible support. RateBoard is very intuitive and offers a lot of benefits in the area of forecasting, and we were particularly impressed by the individual support.

Daniela Kohoutek

COOEE Hotels

Hotel Nives Dolomites

RateBoard is an essential tool for us. It works well for us and we have achieved the desired results. The software has opened up completely new possibilities for us that we didn't have before.

Alexia Linder

Boutique Hotel Nives, Gröden


The decision to move from Excel-Sheets to technical solutions in the area of pricing, and finding the right partner: for us, the competent, dynamic team, the technical implementation to our PMS, and the individual and easy handling of the system were our reasons for choosing Rateboard.

Michaela Seyrling

5* Schlosshotel Fiss

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