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We adapted our prices to the size of your hotel. Only choose the package which fits the size of your hotel.

  • Tailor made for your hotel
  • Easy set up
  • No hidden costs

1-14 rooms

195,- €/Month


15-29 rooms

245,- €/Month


30-49 rooms

295,- €/Month


50-79 rooms

345,- €/Month


80-120 rooms

395,- €/Month


From 120 rooms

On request


All packages include:

RateBoard offers a test phase without commitment and features which will be tailor made for your hotel. You will profit from the support of our experienced revenue managers.

  • Rate suggestions for 365 days
  • Intelligent warnings
  • Interface to the hotel software
  • Rate optimization for 365 days
  • Rate shopping of the competitors
  • Intelligent warnings
  • Market demand of the destination
  • Event & Holiday calendar
  • Online reputation
  • Interface to the hotel software
  • Budget comparison
  • Booking analysis
  • Segment comparison
  • Distribution analysis
  • Daily email reports
  • Detailed monthly report
  • Proactive support
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