Case Study: Hotel Linder**** applies a new profit strategy

9.5 % more profit through higher average prices with the same capacity! That is the result of the case study made with our long-time client Günther Linder.

Case Study with Hotel Linder****

The challenge

"The challenge was to find a revenue management system, which could suit our needs. It took only few days, not even weeks or months, before we could implement RateBoard. It's easy to learn and to use. Our conclusion: less waste of time and a system we work easily with. We can confirm the price offers or respond to price recommendations."


“Through the complete automation with this system, I was able to spare time and avoid making mistakes in the data administration. The increase of my profit per room with the same capacity brought to an evident profit maximization. Analysis of reservations and automatic learning help us to better understand and forecast the reservation habits of our customers.”

Günther Linder, owner, Hotel Linder in Gröden

“Our software is a revolutionary price recommendation system which automates and incorporates time-consuming and annoying hotels processes such as forecasting, pricing and data management. Thanks to a fixed price algorithm, some factors such as historical and up-to-date reservations, weather forecasting, market demand, events, holiday time, data of competitors, customers evaluations and more  will be taken into account”.

Matthias Trenkwalder, Co-Founder & Managing Director, RateBoard


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