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Subsidy: KMU Digital 2.0

The Federal Ministry for Digitisation now offers Austrian small and medium-sized enterprises the opportunity to apply for the subsidy KMU Digital 2.0 within the scope of digitization.

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Digitization brings many opportunities, but often it is a major challenge for businesses implementing it. The Austrian Federal Ministry for Digitisation would like to help small and medium-sized companies with their digitization needs. As part of the KMU Digital 2.0 funding project, companies now have the opportunity to use certified consulting services to identify their individual digitization potential, derive strategies from this and implement specific digitization projects.


The KMU digital subsidy is subdivided into three components

  • Consulting Module: Status and Potential Analyses

  • Consulting Module: Strategy Consulting

  • Module Implementation: Funding for Investments

The consulting module includes two different toolboxes, the status, and potential analysis as well as the strategy consulting. Both consulting options are offered to different focuses and are carried out by certified consultants such as our partner .KPS Unternehmensberatung.


Consulting Module: Status and Potential Analyses

The status and potential analyses focus on three different topics:

Business models and business processes, e-commerce & online marketing, IT security. Depending on the chosen focus, an analysis of the current status of digitization in the company is carried out and the opportunities and risks will be shown up.

The costs for the status and potential analyses are supported by 80% (max. € 400,- per focus).


Consulting Module: Strategy Consulting

Strategy consulting goes one step further and supports the creation of a strategy for the structured development of change and implementation processes. A certified consultant is also available to assist you with this module. The support is categorized into the following focal points: Business models and business processes, e-commerce and online marketing, IT security and digital administration.

The costs for the strategy consulting are supported by 50% (max. € 1.000,- per focus).


The consultation can only be given after the funding has been approved.
Application possible from 28.10.2019 - 31.03.2020.


Module Implementation: Funding for Investments

Following the result of the consulting service (whether from status and potential analyses or strategy consulting), the Federal Ministry for Digitisation provides the opportunity to sponsor the specific digitisation project. KMU Digital 2.0 supports new investments (both tangible and intangible) and services directly related to the project. As already mentioned in the consulting modules, the implementation support is divided into the following topics:

  • Business models and business processes: (e.g. introduction of revenue management)

  • E-commerce and online marketing: (e.g. a data-based)

  • IT security: (e.g. data privacy)

  • Digital administration: (e.g. introduction of a digital signature)

The costs for the implementation are supported up to 30% (max. € 5.000,-). The project volume must be between € 5.000,- and € 20.000,-.


Only after payment of the consultancy subsidy, it is possible to apply for the implementation support!
The application must be received by the funding agency before the start of the project, i.e. no costs or invoices must have been incurred or submitted before the application was submitted.

Application from 11.12.2019 - 31.03.2020.


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