RateBoard and Regiohotel Group start partnership

RateBoard, one of the leading revenue management technology providers in Europe, is now implementing the cloud-based software solution with the Regiohotel Group. The German hotel chain currently runs nine hotels and is one of the fastest-growing chains in the European market.

Cooperation with Regiohotel

"We are very pleased that more and more well-known hotel chains are partnering with RateBoard, and our innovative scientific approach to hotel revenue management combined with the simplicity of the system has proven itself. This will get around in the chain hotel industry!" says Matthias Trenkwalder, Co-Founder and Managing Director at RateBoard.

Among other things, the German group was convinced by the innovative strength of RateBoard, the rapid implementation possibilities and the expertise in holiday tourism. "The support of the group is done by our team in Vienna, where experienced Revenue Managers take care of looking after the customers of the DACH market. It was not easy to find such a high-quality customer service team", said Simon Falkensteiner, Co-Founder and Managing Director of RateBoard.

With the introduction of RateBoard, Regiohotel offers a user-friendly and professional pricing system. The current booking situation, competitor rates, market demand, events, holiday times, weather, guest reviews and much more can be queried in RateBoard and at the same time provides the basis for the algorithm of the software for calculating the price recommendation in the price calendar. For 365 days into the future, RateBoard makes its recommendations, allowing it to react to changes in the market in real time.

"RateBoard is one of the few systems that has a bi-directional interface to our reservation system (Protel), which is a significant increase in efficiency for our team - the software solution will greatly help us to respond even faster in Revenue Management", said Sabine Gast, Head of Revenue Management at Regiohotel.

RateBoard is now working with hundreds of hotels in the European market, positioning itself as the market leader in this segment through a special solution for holiday hotels and resorts.


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