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Simon Simon Managing Director

Startup - The road to better sales

We are proud to officially announce the launch of the RateBoard Analytics Dashboard and RateBoard Revenue Management Tools. Together with established partners, leading hoteliers and well-known tourism experts, we have worked to create a tool which will give leisure hotels the chance to fight with the same weapons as established chain hotels.

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RateBoard combines a variety of complex internal & external data from the hotel to identify trends and predict demand. The software is designed to recognize the most important information in and around the hotel immediately and react to the market in real time.

The large number od data comes, for example, from the property management system (PMS), evaluation portals, OTA's like, web data, social media, statistical offices, weather stations, etc. This gives our customers a solid foundation to develop their sales strategy and speed up to make better decisions.

As founder Matthias Trenkwalder puts it: 'Nowadays, information is worth gold. We have created a tool to help hotels to make the most of their sales potential and to help them with their online sales. We are not only software providers but also accompany our customers. We want to support you as a partner to regain contol over the distribution and not to give too much power to portals like After a year of rapid development of the system and the conclusion of successful tests with a variety of hotels in the Alpine region, we can now officially celebrate the start of our software and look forward to a successful future with our partners.'

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The advantages of RateBoard can be summarized as follows:

Revenue growth:

  • Integration of more data streams than all other hotel systems
  • Recognize unused sales potential through intelligent price recommendations
  • Real-time response to trends through industry-specific insights, which are specifically adapted to the respective hotel or destination

Reduce costs:

  • Savings through increased productivity and no more extra work when searching for data
  • Reduce your sales costs by providing you an accurate overview and control of commissions, etc.

Keep control:

  • Overview of all relevant factors in and around the hotel in clear dashboards

All advantages of RateBoard at a glance!