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This was the Hotel Innovation Summit 2019

On 16.05.2019 the event "Hotel Innovation Summit" took place for the first time at the exclusive event location G.A. Service in Salzburg. The event was attended by top-class guests who discussed future trends in the hotel and gastronomy industry with the motto "Guests, hosts & tourism 2030 - Never again 08/15 holidays".

Hotel Innovation Summit 2019

On 16.05.2019 the organizer Smart Host GmbH invited selected guests to the event at the location of the marketing agency G.A.S. in Salzburg. The stylish premises of the modern agency were perfectly suited to the event theme and immediately inspired to think about future developments. 

The well-known trend researcher and board member of the Global Wellness Summit Dr. Franz Linser gave insights into the topic "Quality Redefined. Quality of holiday offers and communication for a new generation". According to Linser, the topic of individuality plays a very important role. Due to the very stressful and hectic everyday life, the guest's wish is to switch off on vacation and replenish energy in resting oases. However, he still wants to be addressed personally and not treated the same as all other guests. Well-being and a unique experience are the central success factors for today's target group.  

In the selected expert workshops, our revenue professional Martin Maneschg explained the general concept of Revenue Management to the participants. The participants explained the challenges they are currently facing as hoteliers when it comes to pricing. Martin pointed out which solutions can easily be applied in every hotel. He answered many questions, including the difference is between Yield Management and Revenue Management, how integration into the hotel's IT structure works and what the benefits of Revenue Management software like RateBoard are.

At the subsequent discussion, renowned tourism experts such as Erich Falkensteiner (owner of the Falkensteiner Hotelgroup), Leo Hillinger (wine-grower, Entrepreneur & Business Angel), Reinhard Lanner (Chief Digital Officer of Austria Advertisement), Tina Neudegger (guest whisperer at Hotel Nesslerhof in Großarl) and Julian Leitner (founder & managing director of Smart Host) spoke about the topic "Never again 08/15 holidays". The discussion raised the question of how to deal efficiently with the vast amount of data available through digitization. Julian Leitner from Smart Host, a CRM system for the hotel industry, explained how the potential of the Big Data topic can be optimally exploited. Getting to know one's own guest and providing him with tailor-made offers and best of all knowing in advance how he would like to be treated will certainly be one of THE competitive advantages in the tourism industry in the future. Erich Falkensteiner, the owner of the well-known Falkensteiner hotel group, illustrated how exactly this can be implemented and which optimizations can result from it using the example of his hotels.

Afterfards, all participants had the opportunity to get deeper into the discussed topic with the experts and industry colleagues.  

Thanks to all participants and of course to the organizsation team.


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