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Tourism Fast Forward: conference of e-tourism in Mayrhofen

Mayrhofen, Zillertal, 12. - 13. June 2018 - Tourism Fast Forward is a yearly event with the aim to encourage the professional exchange of ideas between the tourism, the science and the IT. This year’s topic was “artificial intelligence - human robots, machine learning”. Matthias Trenkwalder, CEO RateBoard, was one of the speakers there.

Tourism Fast Forward: conference of e-tourism in Mayrhofen

(Nearly) everywhere when innovators of the hotel industry get together RateBoard will be there. With business intelligence and big data we struck the chord with the market. In his speech Matthias Trenkwalder compares  the pricing strategy today and formar times and gives an understanding of the idea of revenue management. Because of the online- distribution Hotels are confronted with new challenges but at the same time the technology holds additional potentials. Revenue Management is the answer to that change. By capturing and evaluating data, it becomes possible to learn from the past and gain important insights, e.g. into the market dynamics.